Building the next generation network with Okta

Last week, I was asked by Okta to speak at Okta Forum London about our implementation of their Single Sign-On and Multifactor Authentication products. We had considered Okta when we first implemented identity management, at the beginning of’s journey into the cloud, however we didn’t sign with them until some time after, having watched their product’s development move at great speed.

I was lucky to be introduced by Sammi Laine, who is Director of Technical Marketing at Okta. He gives an excellent introduction to Multi-factor authentication and how it is used to secure access to applications. My talk begins approximately 15 minutes into the video below.

I was asked to tell a story and I hope I didn’t disappoint. I gave a flavour of the journey that we have been on, moving from thin terminals and Lotus Notes to embracing the cloud and minimising on-premise infrastructure. Having a single identity was key, because friction would mean that users would forget their passwords, forget which system they were supposed to be using or look for alternatives, and that’s how shadow IT takes hold. We work hard to provide a great experience and have built an IT estate we are proud of, that works for our growing business.

Our Okta implementation was painless. There was a lot of preparation involved, but the actual roll-out was achieved overnight by three members of staff, with no professional service time. That is not just a testament to my team, but also to the documentation that Okta provides.

We have implemented more of Okta’s features as time has gone on, protecting our applications using Multi-Factor Authentication and increasing automation in on- and off-boarding. Identity management is core to our ongoing strategy to securely enable staff to work efficiently and effectively, wherever they may be and I am pleased to have been able to share our journey with Okta’s customers and prospects.