One week down, lessons learnt

I’ve been here a week and have severely neglected my blog. I can honestly say that I’ve been far too social to actually do anything productive, and all the late nights are taking their toll. It’s a fantastic place however, filled with great people and the nightlife isn’t to be sneezed at either. I sound like a walking billboard.

I’ve been joining societies, but I’ve tried to be restrained! I’m a member of the French, German and ERASMUS Societies, and I’m going to join Compsoc, just as soon as I pull my finger out. I also want to do trampolining and climbing, so I joined the sports centre. I think we’re planning to do some exercise classes too…yum, me in a leotard :S

I still need books and I also need to take a trip up to University House – it’s almost as far as the Westwood Laundrette, but not quite, so I am a glutton for punishment.